Sunday, September 12, 2010

And the Award Goes to...

Cook’s Book recently received its first two blog awards! The Versatile Blogger Award and A Blog with Substance award have been granted to me by a couple of very sweet fellow food bloggers.

I’d like to thank the academy, my parents for being my biggest fans, and of course, God, for watching over me as I blog. What? This isn’t like receiving an Oscar? Oh. Seriously though, a lot of thought and heart goes into these blog posts. To be recognized by my peers means a lot and is very encouraging.

At almost four months old, Cook’s Book is still just a baby. Thanks to the support of family, friends, and blogger kinship, writing this blog becomes easier and more enjoyable each day. Now, it is my turn to hand out these awards to some of my favorite blogs.

Versatile Blogger Award:

Thanks for the award, Koci! A college student and home cook who would like to become a chef, Koci’s writing style and huge step-by-step photos of her cooking always make her blog, La Kocinera a fun stop. Make sure to check it out!

In addition to thanking the blogger who gave you the award, as a recipient of the Versatile Blogger Award it is standard to: list 7 random/ “interesting” facts about yourself, and pass it on. So, here it goes:

7 Random/ “Interesting” Facts about Me:

1) My favorite colors are red and green (separately).
2) The New York Yankees are my favorite baseball team. Baseball is the only sport I watch.
3) I used to like avocados and now I can’t even look at them. The only time I’ll eat avocado is in my own guacamole and I cringe the entire time I make it.
4) I’ve had several beta fish, the majority of which have been named after magazines. Vogue went to CIA with me.
5) I’m crafty and I like to paint and sculpt.
6) I’m a night owl; I get the majority of my work done very late at night.
7) My name means “of the sea,” and I love the sea. I could watch educational programs about the ocean and weird sea creatures all day. I also enjoy snorkeling, and would like to learn to scuba dive.

Now, that your minds have been blown…

The Versatile Blogger Award goes to:

Lazaro, Lazaro Cooks! Since I started blogging, Lazaro has been a great supporter. His love for food and cooking come through in the many intricately prepared dishes highlighted on his blog. He is also an avid supporter of sustainable foods.

Gwen, Simply Healthy Family. As a mom, Gwen’s mission is to provide her family with meals that are good and good for them. She is great at making recipes healthier.

Kathy, the Colors of Indian Cooking. Kathy is a Hollywood Screenwriter with a passion for Indian cooking. In addition to a very cool resume, her knowledge and creation of colorful, complexly flavored Indian dishes, never fail to amaze.

A Blog with Substance:

Thanks to Lisa, from the blog Korean American Mommy, for this award! As the mom of a cute little boy and a great cook, Lisa’s blog is filled with beautiful photography, yummy recipes, and great stories about raising a family.

The rules of this award are as follows:

• Thank the blogger who gave you the award.
• Sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation, and experience using five words.
• Pass it on to 7 other blogs that you feel have real substance.There is no pressure to continue this chain of awards, if you do not want to.

My blogging philosophy, motivation, and experience in five words: Informative, Simple, Food, Hope, Yum.

My choices for Bloggers with Substance are:

Alice, Someone Who Bakes. This blog chronicles Alice’s path toward following her ambitions of starting her own culinary-inspired business. Lots of good food here!

The Cilantropist. This research scientist comes home from the lab and works magic in the kitchen. She features lots of simply delicious recipes, with mouthwatering photos that will make you want to go try them ASAP.

Lauren, Foodie House. A mom and foodie with a great writing style and stories that will make you LOL. She’s even got how-to cooking videos!

Adelina, My Tasty Handbook. Adelina blogs about her various experiences in the kitchen, sharing stories of family and providing the delicious recipes she tries along the way. Love her Armenian-inspired dishes!

Evan, SwEETs. Visiting this blog is like walking into a bakery. Filled with beautiful cakes, delicious treats, and Evan’s personality, it’s a really fun read.

Sommer, A Spicy Perspective. A cooking teacher who offers a mix of recipes ranging from global cuisine to health-conscious meals. You will most likely leave this page hungry.

Stephanie & Russ, 52 Kitchen Adventures. Every week, this blog explores one unusual ingredient and provides a recipe for how to use it. How cool is that?


The Cilantropist said...

Thanks so much for this award Marisa! You definitely deserved both the awards that you received, esp since you have accomplished so much in just a few short months! I also wanted to mention that I think that all of your choices of other blogs to pass these awards on to were great, they are some of my favorites. :)

Evan @swEEts said...

Oh my goodness Marisa thank you soo much! After traveling for business the last 8 hours this was a lovely way to end the day!! I enjoy reading your blog as well :)

Mother Rimmy said...

Congratulations. I love reading your blog posts. Your awards are well deserved.


Marisa~ Thank you so much! It's an honor to be included in your list. And congratulations to YOU for your two awards!

Anonymous said...

Great Job Marisa! "You're The Best"

Lazaro Cooks! said...


Congrats on your well deserved awards and your continued blogging successes.

Thanks you for sharing it with me. Much appreciated.

Healthy Mamma said...

How fun! You definatey deserve a nice award, your blog, albeight new is fabulous! Thanks for sharing the award with me!!

Tanantha @ I Just Love My Apron said...

Congrats on the award Marisa! Love the fun fact about you :D

Lauren Zabaneh said...

Marisa, thank you so much! what a treat! thank you for your kind words. You certainly deserve both those awards. Your heart and sweet energy comes through in every post you put up.

Speaking of, I am so looking forward to your guest post coming up! can't wait to see what it's all about! cheers!

Stephanie said...

Thanks again for the award!! This is our first and we're so flattered. And I'm excited to check out all the other winners, as it looks like you compiled a great list!

Koci said...

I used to have a beta fish! Her name was Aggie and she hated me with a passion. Every time I'd walk by, she'd flare out her gills and dart around her bowl. Needless to say, pets and I don't get along that well. :D

Congrats on your awards!!

Alice said...

Oh my gosh thank you SO much Marisa! This is so cool, my first award, wheeee! I'd like to thank, well, my camera, my dishwasher, and the many lovely people who get baked goods out of my house for me. *bows*

Kathy Gori said...

thanks so much!!! I'll post as soon as I can, things have been rather hectic here of late.